Embrasing Changes

Simple changes or big changes, there is a point is life that define us. Questions like: Who we are?, what makes us happy?, Can we do it?, Are we ready?…Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 3.03.23 PM I’m very excited with changes my life has taken. Buying my first house it can be a mission, but impossible is often possible. I’m a Broker, so I’m very familiar with the process. I develop a simple list you most follow before buying a house. Organize. Look for all the documents you need before like: Tax Reports (2 last years), Bank Statements (Last 6 months at least), References letters, credit scores. Savings. Save money as much as you can, cause you are not counting other expenses besides the price of the house.  I’ll explain in my next post. Mortgage. After the 2 first steps of Organize and Saving are done, this step will be a piece of cake. Find a good mortgage to review your potencial buyer profile. Top Quality. Look for a realtor that really know what he is doing, because one tiny details can bring back the contract or worst it will be accepted with errors which can bring in the future many complications. Patience. Many calls back, sending documents back, need for signs. This are common things that happens along the process, you just have to be patience. Celebrate. This is what we are doing! but quickly i start with my inside deep reparation project, now that’s another story! Sharing a happy Monday to you!

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